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This time instead of receiving gifts, you can gift education.

Pledge your special day and fundraise to provide students of rural India with learning opportunities


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We will create a customised campaign for you. You can raise books, art supplies, sports equipments, science kits, etc. Anything that you are passionate about.


Celebrate your birthday! Share it with your friends and family and make your day special for children.

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Pooja's Birthday: Help me support Solidarity Art Farm & Innovation and Passion Lab.

I believe that art in any form is therapeutic and it helps us in exploring beyond what lies under our perception leading to self discovery. This birthday, I request you to buy resources from the wishlist which will directly support children in learning bunch of skills.

Kalyani's Birthday: This birthday I am encouraging children to learn arts as a career.

My teachers always recognized my love for the art and motivated me. But as it happens in most cases, art is looked down upon, ignored by parents and not seen as something that children can make a career out of.

Subodh's Birthday: Help me support 10 girls of Laxmiwadi to restart their education in our Innovation and Passion Lab

Girls are often faced with gender discrimination when it comes to picking a career choice. This birthday I will be supporting 10 girls from Laxmiwadi who will learn Journalism, Sculpting and Innovation