Women transforming villages

Through our rural fellowship program, women from villages are imparting core life skills to the children.

Insight Walk Fellowship

We design village specific fellowships to nurture the essential life and leadership skills - not just those of the children but of the fellows too.

Trash is used as a learning resource

Children learn science and innovation skills which are used to solve local problems using trash. They work on their hobbies and gradually develop life skills.

Local female mentors

Our fellows are women from the same village who themselves couldn’t finish their education due to financial constraints, patriarchy, early marriage, gender inequality etc. They are determined to change the future of their village by educating children.

Education through the surrounding

At Innovation and Passion lab, children learn stitching, drawing, painting, music, literature, local innovation, stitching, sketching, etc with the help of rural artists.  

Our Progress

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Children We Work With
Rural Fellows
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Rural Mentors
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Parents We Work With

Let's create a present where every child has opportunities to succeed in life

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We work in the villages which have

  • High drop out ratio

  • Migrant and backward communities

  • No direct access to basic facilities like secondary school, bank, hospital, post office, etc

  • Restricted mindset around girl child education 
  • Social challenges like patriarchy, gender inequality, alcoholism, etc. 

If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than who you are – Master Shifu

Watch our work in action

Children, fellows and their everyday life

Would you like to bring a small change?

On your special occasion or birthday, share your joy with the children. 

This year, make a difference in the lives of the children by pledging to fundraise for their education.

Ask your friends to buy books or other resources instead of gifts!