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Local Role Models

fellows are local mothers who mentor children and work with their parents on nurturing their relationship

About 70 %

of Indians live in rural areas. 90 % of them has main bread winner earning less than Rs. 10,000 per month.

Local Innovation

children learn life skills using local resources and apply their learning in solving real life problems in their village

What our users say

Phase 1

Setting up Community Center where

Children learn by cultivating hobbies and start building student archive of their interests

Learn local innovation using local resources via sustainable living projects

Phase 2

Focus is on nurturing parent child relationship by

Parents spending time at Community Center teaching children life skills

Children turning their hobbies and interests into a career opportunity

Planning for long term actions for ensuring children lead a life of passion and purpose

Phase 3

Strengthening existing ecosystem by

Involving local craftsmen, mothers to create a local framework of support for children

Kids applying their prototypes and learning to village level problems